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Lions Tourney Moving Dates

By Peter Gallagher, 08/28/18, 1:45PM PDT


Moving The Lions Tourney to Different Dates Every Couple Of Years Due to CIF Playoffs

The California CIF is in the middle of discussions to move the PREP baseball season forward in order to hold a state baseball playoff. If this happens, it appears, that each year May 10th or so will be the end of the regular season. We are concerned about the effect this will have on the Lions Tournament which has traditionally (68 years) been held the week between Palm Sunday and Easter whenever it falls. We are concerned that a tourney two weeks before the end of the season might be dicey and that it would affect Lions participation in those particular years when Easter is later than the first week of April. In those years, the Lions will have to move dates. One big issue surrounds Northern California, Los Angeles, Oregon, Alaska and Las Vegas teams that have participated in this tourney year in and year out. Other than Oregon, the LA, Sacramento and Las Vegas areas continue to have spring break during the traditional week before Easter. The Oregon teams have their break during the last week of March. So the Lions will probably adopt the following:


I think the best approach would be to keep the traditional Palm Sunday to Easter schedule with some modifications. I looked at the Easter schedule. In the next 11 years, I think I can keep the Palm Sunday to Easter schedule at least 8 or 9 of those years with some modifications as follows:

  1. No Lions Tourney will held past the first week of April meaning every Lions tourney will end no later than April 10th.
    1. This means that no tourney would be held no later than one month before end of the California prep season
  2. On those years that the tourney needs to be moved, we would be held during the last week of March or possibly whenever SD Unified has their break. The years that I propose to move would be:
    1. 2022: 4/11-14
    2. 2025: 4/14-17
    3. 2028: 4/10-13
  3. This would allow Las Vegas and Sacramento teams to participate nearly every year. This would open up Oregon and Alaska to us 8 of those 11 years.
  4. This proposal is only under consideration and a final decision will not be made until California CIF makes their decision on statewide baseball playoffs.